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(Archived) voice recognition


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I think voice recognition is part of the input function. On my original droid - when you're entering via the keyboard, there is a mic icon to the left of the space bar which prompts for voice. It seems to work pretty well if you have a good 3g or wifi connection.

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Yes, to clarify...

Although this is the Android section, OP stated his friend was using an iPhone. On the EN iPhone app you can enter voice notes. But that's all it is - an audio recording. There is no voice to text functionality applied to the voice notes. There are other apps like Dragon, Dial2Do, for the iPhone that can provide this functionality on the iPhone. And OP's friend must have been using a third party app to do this.

I don't have an Android device, so cannot help with that side of things. As katahdin mentioned, there may be another option on the droid devices to provide this functionality.

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