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(Archived) Evernote videos on YouTube

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Watched several Evernote videos from Evernote Trunk Conference 2011.

Actually had to stop and replay these several times. I had the video parked off to the side while I caught up on mail, etc.

All found on EvernoteAndrew Channel


Phil Libin (CEO)

Future of Evernote

Damian Meyers (Evernote Developer - Windows Phone 7)

Developing a Rich Application

Seth Hitchings (VP of Platform Strategy - Developer Relations)

State of the Trunk

EDC Finalist Presentations (Skipped in video)

Seth Hitchings (ibid.)

What's New in the API

More videos available from Evernote Developer Competition.

These will be for later.

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q ... ition&aq=f

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What with my already heavy use of Evernote now combined with IFTT, if I find very many other apps that feed into Evernote, I'm going to need more cowbell. I mean, more monthly upload limit.

This is actually a very smart (IMO) approach. Evernote has developed a product. You don't pay for any clients that feed the servers. (At least the ones Evernote develops. Third party apps (IE Egretlist) may charge a fee.) You only pay for the monthly upload limit, if you want the premium features, which include a larger monthly upload limit. They (EN) sponsor a developer's contest, so there are a bunch of people thinking of a bunch more ways to feed the EN servers. The more ways we (users) feed the servers, the more we upload. The more we upload, the more we need more upload. (Long term greed, indeed!) Unlike something like Jungle Disk/Amazon S3, where you have unlimited upload but pay monthly for the space you use as well as some bandwidth charges (which together can result in a hefty bill, as I can testify), EN simply charges for the monthly upload, which is a more reasonable price for most people & users can change from month to month with no loss of data already in the cloud. Genius. (Ok, sure. The idea could have also bombed. But it didn't. And I'm glad!)

EN is my digital info/cloud "dealer". :o

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Evernote has now posted a complete set of videos on the Evernote Trunk Conference #1 page.

Dave's presentation (#4) is well worth watching. Brought up several points that were not covered in the Tech Blog. However, Great Decisions (#2) get's my vote as fan favorite.

PS: Critic's note to Evernote. You need to record the presentations that are part of the segments in addition to the people on stage. A lot of useful content is missed. The Gordon Bell (#10) and Evernote Finalists (#5) segments particularly suffer. Production & post-production are amateur at best. That said, I have now watched all of them. Definitely not a waste of time, but, the experience could have been better.

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