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(Archived) Safari Web Clipper, can't remove, can't disable



I was running Evernote for Mac that had been downloaded from the Evernote website. At some point (probably when it still worked....) I activated the web clipper for Safari. At some later date, I used the Mac App store to download Evernote. My notes are all fine, but the Web Clipper icon is still present in Safari, and I can't get rid of it. I tried switching back to to Evernote from the website rather than the App store, but the option to enable web clipper for Safari has since been removed.


As far as I can tell, Evernote is Version 3.0.1 (172019), running on Lion / Safari 5.1.

Console logs give me this:

9/18/11 2:42:17.457 PM EvernoteHelper: No result from Safari loading plugins.

9/18/11 2:42:21.213 PM Safari: Evernote Safari Clipper Plugin version 158341 at your service!

9/18/11 2:42:21.496 PM Safari: EVERNOTE: This is where I try to get the Safari toolbar button inserted.

So, with no option to remove the Safari Web Clipper in Evernote, any thoughts on, umm, how to remove it?

Many thanks.

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