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(Archived) Evernote on the Android Tablets vs iPad


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Hi Everyone - I currently have Evernote installed on my work & home machines, iPad and my Android phone. Specifically, I'm wondering what all of your user experience has been like using Evernote on the Android Tablets. I'm contemplating selling my iPad - and I know this might sound crazy - but for the sole reason of getting a much greater user experience on the Tablet and for the widgets on the home screen. I love using the widget on my phone and since I employ the GTD productivity methodology, I have saved search shortcut widgets such as @calls, @errands, etc. on my phone and love this functionality. I appreciate all of your thoughts on this and thanks in advance! :)

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i'm quite pleased with the ios app these days for my ipad. it is greatly improved, especially the upcoming beta. but, it still lacks a lot of very basic features i think it ought to have. notebook stacks come to mind, even though i don't use the stacks myself.

i used to have an android phone, but got fed up with it and got an iphone. i seem to recall liking the android evernote app better, but i forget now why that was. we've got another android phone around here, so i will give it a try sometime and see.

sell the ipad for an android? well, that is inconceivable at this point, but i still haven't used ice cream sandwich, so i am keeping an open mind.

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