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(Archived) What is your favorite evernote feature?

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For me, hands down, it's the ability to snap a picture from my cell phone and have it instantly appear in my notes across all of my devices. It's difficult to state just how valuable I find the feature, it's useful for everything from extremely important projects to everyday tasks. One thing I always wanted to do was create a grocery list of my favorite foods/brands but never bothered because it was too much of a pain. Now I just snap a pic of a food with my cell as whatever moment happens to be convenient, and then at my convenience when I am in EN I look at it and add it to a grocery spreadsheet that is also stored within EN, then I delete the pic.

I'd like to hear about other peoples favorite features and how they impact you.

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Mine is keeping track of bills and and the corresponding payments.

When the mail arrives, I scan the bills into Evernote.

After I make a payment (usually electronically), I use the Evernote clipper to capture the webpayment confirmation.

No need for a file cabinet, just a paper shredder.

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Do you have a way to scan directly into EN, as opposed to scanning to the PC and then dropping it into EN?

Yes, I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap that works perfectly with Evernote. Fast and takes up very little space on my desk.

The scan goes directly into my default notebook in Evernote.


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i scan everything with my smartphone directly. just using the snapshot option of EN. the cameras on smartphones are powerfull enough for quite proper scans.

so that's my favorite feature, take a pic of a document and having it directly on my desktop ready for e-mailing ore other actions.

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