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I was just handed down a new computer at work. After downloading and installing the Evernote software, I am trying to open the program, only to receive an error message that says: ""You cannot use the application "Evernote" with this version of Mac OS X."

Any ideas as to what might be going wrong?

I am running Mac OS X, Version 10.4.11, and it says all of my software is up to date. I am okay with technology, but not too super savvy, so this might just be some dumb mistake on my part.



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I am receiving the same message and the Evernote app has the usual "Not" symbol indicating it is incomparable with the OS version. I am running 10.5.8 which is supposed to be the minimum OS X version supported. If anyone has a link to a previous MAC version please direct us to it. Thanks MK

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Just wanted to also chime in on this, since I'm getting the same error message. Good thing I didn't empty my trash, non?

Ah, actually, I was looking in the comment section on the new release, and they said that it was actually the previous version that's the last to support 10.5.8 . Kinda SOL on that one I guess.

I've noticed a couple of discrepancies in what they say will be supported. Most of the places I look say that 10.5.8 is the minimum system requirement needed. However, I saw somewhere that it was actually 10.6 that you needed, but I've only seen that once (and I forgot where). I also noticed when I tried to update my version on the mac, it did the same thing. I'm guessing this was for the old version. So ignore those, cause the new system reqs are 10.6.something now.

Oh, they also posted the link to said update, so I'll repost here:

http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/mac/re ... 154267.zip

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Sorry about the inconsistencies. If you know anywhere specifically where it still says 10.5.8, I'll get those changed. I'll ask someone to review the site text to make sure. The current version requires 10.6.6


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