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Hi, I'm visually impaired and I need to find out how to zoom in Evernote. I've tried all the usual Mac things: gestures, command + option + plus but nothing seems to work. There's the control + up gesture, but it only zooms into one spot, not really helpful when I'm trying to read anything.

Any ideas?

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Hi, I'm visually impaired and I need to find out how to zoom in Evernote...

I definitely agree that Evernote needs zooming, esp. for improved accessibility as you state. The simplest implementation would be to adding a scale factor to the editor pane (at least.)

In the longer term, recent comments about the tablet interface show promise; hopefully we'll see some of those ideas make it into the Mac version as better default layout, and better yet a full-screen mode in Lion, which could also allow zooming on the editor pane.

Any ideas?

I presume you know about the Screen Zoom features in the Universal Access system preference (you mention the shortcuts, so presumably you are able to zoom in on the editor pane?); I often use this to zoom (via shortcuts, or Ctrl-scrolling) in on sections of apps without their own zoom feature.

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