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(Archived) Repeated "migrating notes from previous version"




I've upgraded to Lion and have noticed that Evernote, upon launch after a prior shutdown or sleep, always displays "migrating notes from a previous version" with a progress bar. This "migration" takes about 1 minute, and then I'm good for the rest of the session, even if I quit and restart evernote. Do I need to trash the local database and redownload? Or are there any other maneuvers I should try first?



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I too am experiencing the same issue. I am running Mac OS Lion and Evernote Version 2.3.0 (160287). I have uninstalled, deleted the library, reinstalled and downloaded the database. The first time was fine, now every time I reboot my computer it hangs for a few seconds and says "migrating notes from previous version".

Any suggestions?

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i'm using: Version 3.0.2 (195746)

today i'm having the same trouble without installing an update, nor having a auto-update feature active.

that makes feel very anxious about my data...

We'll be looking into it, thanks for filing a ticket

does that mean the users do not need to create a support inquiry?

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I have identical problem on Snow Leopard and I already lost my data. My notes that are pasted not being saved. I reported video and same problem to evernote team

sad to read. i'm sorry for your loss. that sucks.

i guess, your video shows private information? if not, would you be able to share it here, so i (and maybe others) can see what happened.

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