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(Archived) Reinstalling the OS

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I am reinstalling my OS ( XP ) and will need to download Evernote from scratch again.

What is the best way of recovering all my notes? If i synchronice an fresh install of Evernote to my webaccount, wich will survive, the web or desktop?

Are there any files i can just copy to an usb stick an paste into my new copy of Evernote?

I am a bit worried about losing my notes.

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When you Re-install EN, it will ask for your user name, and password.

It will check to see if you have an account, check the password, then if they match, it will see if there are notes in the account.

If there are, it will upload them all to you.

The only way you can lose any notes, is if you have the note on your machine, delete it, then sync.


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Gary's right - think of it like mail on your mail server. You can pull down a local copy onto any PC. When you set up a new mail client on a second PC, it will just pull down the same messages.

If you delete those notes from any machine, they'll be deleted on the service.

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If you have any notes in Local notebooks, those won't be preserved if you delete your local PC copy. You would either need to copy the entire Evernote database to the new computer, or else temporarily move the local notes into a synchronized notebook so that you can move them into a Local notebook on the second computer.

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