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  1. This is kind of a long thread, but there are several ideas on using tags. It is at: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8562 It was enough for me to see its potential.
  2. I had always tried to make tags hierarchical, and always seemed to get lost trying to find something. A user in another thread explained that tags had been designed to overcome the limitations of a hierarchical system. I have spent several hours re-organizing my tag system, and I see using tags to their potential, and not stacking them, makes them much more powerful OMHO. It seems to me you can get much more exact search results from a flat tag system.
  3. Actually, I like the way they have it now. I used onenote, and they have the functions set up the way you want them. I find that it is not as convenient to find notes when the entire note is encrypted. With Envernote I take and make a couple lines on what the data is, then hilight and encrypt the actual sensitive data. Encrypting entire notes in evernote would be worse, because the information is intended to disappear into the roll, and be brought out when you need it. You could not find it if it was encrypted. ... Just my 3 cents worth.
  4. Hey! I got mine! 8) ... Pink ? :shock: -Gary
  5. I don't intend to be a kiljoy, but EN is meant to be a note taking utility. A way to store, and quickly retreive whatever documents we want with little hassle. I can see adding different document formats, but as this system still has quite a few features that should be high priority, I do not think we should be branching out in areas other than that of a central note storage and access system. I agree we could go there later, but lets get the core system fully implimented before we try to add non-documents related functions. Just an opinion I will probably get flamed for ... -Gary
  6. Another 'Pat on the back' from me also. I was looking for something like OneNote because I tried OneNote (Trial Version) and liked it, but could not at the moment afford it. I found EverNote, started using it, and love it. I since purchased the Microsoft Office suite, with OneNote included, because we need the word processor and spreadsheet, but now find I can not go back to OneNote. Well Done! I use EverNote for keeping track of research. It is almost entirely text, so I doubt I would ever need the premium package, but want to support EverNote so I know it will continue. Plus I enjoy using the software more if I know my conscience is clear. Keep up the great work! -Gary
  7. When you Re-install EN, it will ask for your user name, and password. It will check to see if you have an account, check the password, then if they match, it will see if there are notes in the account. If there are, it will upload them all to you. The only way you can lose any notes, is if you have the note on your machine, delete it, then sync. -Gary
  8. I went ahead and purchased a subscription thru Google, but if we were to vote on the issue, my vote would go for PayPal. It is well established, and is trusted most anywhere around the world. -Gary
  9. So I am one of the first to order a T-Shirt? 8) The $45.00 a year is lower than even I had hoped for. I am sure they will get it so anyone can order it. They will not be turning down money. Now lets get on to the important thing ... working on getting all the old features implimented into EN3. -Gary
  10. I am not sure how well encrypting an entire note would work. How would you find the note later? You can not search out encrypted text. Just a thought. -Gary
  11. I'm just thinking outloud. With todays economy, it is hard to justify monthly subscriptions. Just as an idea, I would think having a bunch of people just paying a couple dollars a month for quite a bit of increased limits, and quite a few paying a few dollard for 'vastly higher monthly limits' would be better than just the quite a few with the one plan. I intend to switch to the paying plan just because I like the service, and want it to succeed, but in these times there are a bunch of people that will have a hard time justifing the expense. (Michigan is in bad shape, economically) -Gary
  12. If you are discussing it, is there a way you can combine the functions of EN and the clipper into one icon in the system tray? I know it is possible, as OneNote has one icon on the system tray. You right click it, and get the options for either. I don't like any more clutter in the system tray than I have to. -Gary
  13. I'll have to think about the 40MB limit. I do mostly text, so I should be OK. People that do alot of web page cutting and photos might feel it is kind of tight. I had never thought of what I was doing in MB terms, just in 'so many notes'. I guess I'll get to work, and see how quick I can get the meter to raise. Will the upload window be from ther 13th to the 13th from now on? or will this be a short window, and the 1st will start a new one? (That could be important) -Gary
  14. O.K. I think you are correct with that. Most my notes begin with pasted material. I like having things double spaced. I know if I am in a double spaced area, and want it single spaced, I shift/enter. Is there a way to force it to double space? -Gary
  15. Right click on your toolbar, choose "Customize Command Bar", then choose "Add or remove commands...". The Evermote icon should be in the available toolbar options. At least that worked here. -Gary
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