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(Archived) Newbie needs collaboration advice

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Hi All,

I have just discovered Evernote and see potential as a way for my outside sales people to collaborate with my office staff on projects. They need to be able to share notes, contact info, job site photos and drawing files (pdf). Evernote looks like an awesome tool for individual use but I haven't been able to wrap my head around how best to utilize it to allow 2 outside sales people to collaborate with 4 inside support people. Any big picture advice on this would be welcome.

Smaller questions:

Does each employee need an Evernote account?

If everything is web based where does the Evernote Desktop fit in?



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I assume your office types have PCs of some description, so the desktop client would be for them to maintain a local copy of your data (web and 3G connections can be down as well as up..). There's an option in Evernote to "sponsor" a group of accounts, so you could set up as many accesses as necessary and control the admin and accounting from one main point. You might want to trial your activities with one external person first - remember that if you change your end of the note in the office, it has to sync with the web and the outside guy's phone has then to sync with the network to receive the change, so this is not "instant" messaging...

You may find that the system works for you - but don't forget text messages and phone calls in your lust for total Evernote connectivity!

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Google Docs/Apps might be a better collaboration tool once Google has off-line access working again.

Evernote tends to work best as:

- Single user, multi-device info management tool or

- a 1:many info dissemination tool

Evernote could do the job for you with shared notebooks IF you do NOT need to do any multi-user note edits.

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