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(Archived) Voice Recorder Synch with notes


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I'm new here so I'm hoping someone can help me. I am looking for a note taking app that has the feature to synch audio recording with notes taken (typed or written with a stylus). My son will use it to record college lectures and review them later. He looked into the iPad 2 and Soundnote, which has this feature. In Soundnote when clicking on any note taken if there is audio recording the audio will restart playing from the moment the note was taken. A very handy feature to review a class lecture at a later date.

Is this available in Evernote for android tablet? It doesn't have to be exactly that, some kind of a note date-time stamp will suffice, then he will replay the recording from that date-time stamp.

Also, can you take hand-written notes in Evernote or only typed (keyboard)?

What about saving notes and audio recording locally or synching it with a mass storage device through WiFi for later review and backup purposes, is that possible?

The reason for all this is that I'm looking for an alternative to the iPad (most likely Samsung Galaxy tab). When will the Evernote Android tab version come out?

If any of these features are not in Evernote, can anyone recommend another app for the android tab that does have them?


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Evernote for Android has voice recording (while taking notes) & sync only on wifi.

As of today we just support keyboard for taking notes.

Hand written notes are under consideration.

Thanks for the feedback,


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Handwritten notes, especially for tablets, is a must. As of now there really aren't any good note taking solutions on Android, and few on iOS. Not only would handwritten notes fill a niche that needs filling on both platforms, but it would add an unreal amount of power to the mobile versions of your product. The main issue with the existing handwritten note apps on either platform is that there is very little organization/sharing power. This is something that Evernote already does very well. Even simple handwritten note functionality would immediately elevate your product from useful, to essential. College students would be willing to drop the money on an iPad or Android tablet just for Evernote. That is real market power.

-Matthew (a college student in desperate need of a handwriting app)

PS: it is very annoying that i had to register for the forums separately from evernote.com. When I register for Evernote it should simply carry over to the forums.

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You may be interested in trying the latest version of Evernote for Android (3.2) which integrates with Skitch.

From new note or edit note, tap the "Skitch button".

If Skitch is installed, it will create a new blank canevas on which you can draw a note.

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