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(Archived) HELP: Clipper not working...


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I have:

- Windows 7 Enterprice

- Evernote Pre-release

- Firefox 4.0

Whenever I mark wanted content to be copied into Evernote:

1) Select/Highlight the content in FF

2) Choose "Copy Selection" from Evernote Icon ->

Error message: "Clipboard capture failed: "NotifyIconOverflowWindow" did not copy any data to clipboard or there is no selection... This has been happening in every 4.x Evernote release I have installed.



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If you're not opposed to using keyboard shortcuts, you could use the "copy selection" hotkey to clip your selection directly into the Evernote desktop app.

So the steps would be:

1. Select/Highlight the content in FF

2. Hit Win+A to clip your selection to desktop app. This hotkey is also configurable by going to Tools->Options->Hot keys in the desktop app.

As to the reason why the Firefox clipper doesn't work, I can't comment since I use the Chrome one (which works fine) but my guess is that EN might need to update their Firefox clipper to cater for the new changes in v4.4. I might be wrong about that though.

Hope this helps.



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I ended up here because I thought the Evernote app was not allowing me to select part of the screen to evernote.


I am an old geek, and early adopter of evernote.


I thought "Copy Selection" would allow me to then select an area of the screen and automatically send it to evernote.


I seem to remember it working like this in the past (remember old geek B) )


Out of desparation I tried "Clip Screenshot" which I thought would grab the entire screen. This worked the way I remembered, allowing me to select part of the screen, which was what I was looking for originally.


Then I selected "Paste to Evernote"


Worked fine. Using Win 7 and Firefox.


Perhaps I am just having a "Senior Moment"


Usually I do stuf like this at work (can't and would not install evernote on work machines, use chrome in portableapps) and use another program to capture parts of the screen. Been a while (years) since I've done this with the actual evernote software at home.


This selects an area of the screen, not just selected text. Great for capturing payment confermations.

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