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  1. I fell in love with Evernote in 2008, It seems with each update the program has moved away from the original useful program I fell in love with. I feel like I have to relearn the software with each new release, pretty bad since I've been using it almost 12 years! The loss of being able to do quick screen captures is one of the main uses for Evernote, Why did they remove this? Why do I have to rely on a plug in on my browser, what about things that are not on the internet? What was quick and easy is now a 2 - 3 step process. Evernote developers should be adding new features, not removing features many of us have relied on for years! And yes the new layout is a train wreck!
  2. I can only add my disappointment to the comments above. I capture more than just items from the internet so I have to use other software to "clip" what I want then drag it into a note. I have been a premium user since 2008 and have loved this feature, like most people have commented one of the main reasons I use Evernote. I submitted a ticket to get details on why this feature or if there is a setting to turn it back on. I suggest everyone do the same. In 2008 Evernote did not have much competition, now there are alternatives, I am even pondering moving offline for security since this feature is gone.
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