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(Archived) Using Stylus with Android


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Ive seen this discussed elsewhere in the forum but found no definitive answer.

I have an EVO 4G and it would be handy on occasion to use my stylus (aftermarket) to circle or draw an arrow to an item on a photo I have attached.

1. Does Evernote anticipate adding this functionality?

2. If not, what are the best third party apps for marking up photos, etc using a stylus?


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I have a EVO also, a stylus will not work with any of the newer touch screen phones. The screens are made to be finger only, I'm not sure of the technology reasons, but I know a stylus won't work because of the type of screen on the phone. I hated using a stylus on my older touch screen phones.

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There are, in fact, stylii that will work with capacitive touch screens, the kind that iPads and most newer touch screen phones have. I have ones by both Boxwave and Griffin.

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When/if I finally get a tablet, pen/stylus use is a must. Some of the things I do require the precision that a stylus brings as I can see precisely where I'm placing the pointer*. Something I can't do with my fingers.

* Especially since I use my current convertible netbook for photoshop and sketch work.

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