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  1. Nevertheless, how hard would it be for Evernote to figure this out and include an .snb reader considering they are an Android app and the world's #1 seller of Android phones uses a standard their software can't read? Am I missing something here?
  2. The REAL question here is why Samsung choose the OBSCURE .snb standard for their Notes app? I mean has anyone in the Western Hemisphere ever even heard of this standard before? Not only is it obscure, Samsung's brand of .snb can't even be read by .snb readers! You literally CANNOT view .snb content on a PC, period. Now what GENIUS at Samsung decided THAT was a good idea? S-Notes could be a OneNote killer but it seem the INTENTIONALLY made it lame. Who INTENTIONALLY makes their software lame? Oh yeah, Windows 8, almost forgot .
  3. Well it seems that there is a nice screen cap utility that comes as an addon for the new Dolphin browser. As far as normal screenshots I am rooted. Was just wondering if there was anything that worked directly with Evernote in Android as there is in Windows.
  4. Hi, Ive seen this discussed elsewhere in the forum but found no definitive answer. I have an EVO 4G and it would be handy on occasion to use my stylus (aftermarket) to circle or draw an arrow to an item on a photo I have attached. 1. Does Evernote anticipate adding this functionality? 2. If not, what are the best third party apps for marking up photos, etc using a stylus? Thanks!
  5. As regular users are aware Evernote includes a very nifty screen capture tool in their Windows program. Does any such thing exist for Android? If not, is there a hack or workaround we can use other than doing a screen cap, saving it then attaching it to an Evernote record? Thanks!
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