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Page Breaks in note editor


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I searched for this functionality but could not find it. Is there any way to put page breaks in the Windows editor? I store something called Bass Tab that basically shows the bass guitar strings (4 strings as dashes) and what fret to hold down for songs. Anyway when I print them I don't want it to break between strings. Below is the first few lines from I Want To Hold Your Hand as an example. So when it prints it can sometimes page break at the wrong place.





Oh yeah, I´ll tell you something





I think you´ll understand

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There's no page break option that I'm aware of, but it seems to me you could get away with one or other of two work-arounds:

> Compile your note in software that does recognise page breaks and attach the document* to your note, or

> Include your tabs within the note but add a character that you can replace with a page break using search/ replace, and cut/ paste the content into something that will do that for you.

*premium users, obviously

Hope that helps..

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was using Word to create my tabs but thought it would be just as easy to create them in the Evernote Editor since the formating is always Courier New for the mono spacing. Oh well it is back to Word. It seems like it would be a simple thing to have some way to insert a page break, they have all other kinds of formating options.

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A Page Break is needed it! I know I can copy paste to other editors, but I makes the process a bit longer. I can't complaint though. Evernote is great and has made life so much easier and all for free. I'm actually really thinking about upgrading. Love evernote. But a page break would be an awesome feature.

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No page break in either Evernote or Onenote - how strange.

Tab keys that do not work in Onenote and not consistent in Evernote.

Onenote - can't seem to get default font settings to always work - I know this is Evernote forum but I plan to post on both.

I tried Evernote/Onenote/Google docs(for being able to share) a number of times in the last 2+ years, kept switching back and forth between them.

Got tired of google drive(again) and decided to give Onenote a better chance.

But after a week when I wanted to print last weeks notes found couldn't put in a page break for a clean break between weeks, and can't ctrl A(pretty standard key combo I thought) to select the whole document to put in word(rediculous) so can print better.

So moved back to Evernote again.

Suprise - no page break their either. And tab keys behave differently if something already typed on line and if blank, so inconsistent.

What's a fellow to do?

At this point not really sure.

Just sort of ranting.

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