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  1. To be fair and direct, I appreciate the prompt help by your Evernote agents and also satidfied with the final/intermediary remdey, but there are other things I would like to share for your consideration. I do believe that tickets relating to billing issue are handled with higher priority than other issues, but the statement or practise that "Evernote is closed on Weekends and US Holidays" is particulary irrating for any ticket submiited on Friday for anyone in frustrated mood. As a matter of facts, it took 4 days (or 5 days if time zone is considered) for me to get your inital reply. That is definitely an upset user experience for a daily Evernote User. Another side issue related to the subject line of the Ticket in which slightly different requirement are stated as below: 1. please ensure you keep your Ticket number (#16XXX-14236X) in the Subject Line; or 2. You MUST enter this subject line exactly or we will NOT receive your message. Subject: Ticket #16XXX-14236X It is rather confusing to me as "keeping" can be distinct from "exact", and complicated by the situation of one of my email "keeping" the subject line but of minor important haven't been addressed. Wouldn't it be better to have a unified guidance on the subject line requirement the latest email reply of same subject will keep all previous conservation and attachment for better reference for both parties? And that there remain a small technical problem being unsolved. The password prompt pop up each time when I open Evernote on my ipad, which should not be an normal application behavior. Lastly, I hope Evernote will soon be (or remain) in a viable business model for better and continued services for the community.
  2. identical issue and just found out that Evernote customer support is just awful.
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