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(Archived) Technique for large video or audio files?

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I just started using Evernote free version and think it is going to be a great for organizing all the info on my PC. I am willing to upgrade to premium if it can do what I want to do, which is:

I have a lot of files on my hard drive that are informational. Some are "How-to" videos that are over the 50MB max note size limit for Evernote premium. In the past I have tried to organize these files using Windows folders, but it would be so much easier to find them when I need them if I could bring them into Evernote and assign tags. Does the 50MB for premium limit exist because files are stored on the Evernote servers to facilitate sharing or mobile access? I don't need to to share them or access them from my phone or another PC. I only need local access on my PC. I just want to search by tag within Evernote to find a video file, then play the video. I have the same need with regard to some audio .wav files that are over 50MB.

Is there a technique to get these large files into Evernote for easy retrieval when needed? I tried creating a Windows shortcut to the file on my hard drive and pasting the shortcut link into a new Evernote note, but shortcuts aren't a supported file type in the free version. If I upgraded to premium, would I be able to paste a link to a video or audio file that is on my hard drive, regardless of file size, into a new Evernote note -- and then later find it by tag, click on the link within the note, and invoke a video or audio player to view/hear it?


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I don't know why the note limit size exists but there is no way to circumvent it, AFAIK. What I've done in the past is simply make an Evernote about the video file along with the path & file name. I can then copy the path from the note into Explorer (I'm Windows) & quickly locate the file.

I don't know if the newly added links option allows pasting the full path/file name into a note & clicking it to invoke the file, since I've not had the time to try it. Perhaps someone else can address this issue.

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Thanks. I just tried this variation of your suggestion and it worked:

1. In Windows Explorer, create a Windows shortcut to the desired file.

2. Right-click the new shortcut and select "Properties"

3. Select and copy the contents of the "Target" field, which contains the path to the file (with quotes around it - which will have to be deleted in step 8 below).

4. Create a new Evernote note.

5. Paste the text of the "Target" field into the note. At this point there is just text in the note. This text is the path to the file on the hard drive.

6. Select the newly pasted text in the note.

7. Right-click and select "Hyperlink/Add".

8. Paste the path (again) into the Hyperlink/Add dialog and delete the quote marks at the beginning and end of the path (Windows had put the quotes in the "Target" field in the properties of the


9. Click "OK" and now the note contains a link that to the file's path on the hard drive. Clicking on the link starts up the default application just like in any other Windows app (for example, Windows

Media Player if the link is to a .wav file.) I did this for a file over 50MB and it worked fine since the note only contains a hyperlink and not the actual file.

Now I can use Evernote tags to find the note that contains the link to the file, and then just click on the link to launch the app that plays the video or audio file.

But this method uses a lot of steps at the time of note creation. Your method (as I understand it) of just putting the file path in the note as text (rather than a hyperlink), and then when you want to access the file, copying/pasting the path into Windows Explorer, is less work on the front-end (it eliminates steps 7, 8, and 9), so I may use that approach instead of what I outlined above.

Do you have a way around having to create a Windows shortcut so you can copy the "Target" field in the shortcut's properties to obtain the text to paste into Evernote? I haven't found a way to create the text of the path except with a shortcut? (Well, if the path is short, I guess I could just type it into the note).

If the actual file has to end up on Evernote's servers for purposes of sharing or mobile access, I can understand why they have a size limit, but in this case I don't need the file to exist on their servers.

It would be really useful if Evernote provided a quick way to add a link to a local file of any size. Perhaps a "paste as link" option on the right-click context menu within a note. Or is that what you meant by the "newly added links option". I haven't found that option yet.

Thanks again.

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