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(Archived) Blank PDF File

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I am new to Evernote, and just upgraded to a premium account. I scanned a one page letter on my pc, then dragged it to my Evernote application with no problem. I can see a thumbnail of the file on the left, and the full sized document on the right side. However, when I try to open it up on either my iphone 3gs or my ipad2, all I see is a blank white sheet. I have synced other pdf files with no trouble, but for some reason I can't see this document on either mobile device. I even deleted the file, re-scanned it and tried again, to no avail. Any suggestions? (sorry for the long post)



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Can you try emailing yourself that same PDF file, and then try to open the PDF from within the iOS Mail application?

If the PDF looks blank even when you open it from Mail, then it looks like it might be an iOS PDF rendering problem.

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