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  1. I have had the same experience; no matter which wrist protection I choose I get garbage all over my screen. I now use the zoom feature, and, while the scrolling is a bit too fast for me if I'm not careful, just moving the zoom window manually isn't too bad and it actually makes my handwriting look better. Since it's at the bottom of the page, no extraneous marks!
  2. I contacted support...they suggested I shut down the app and restart it. That was their only suggestion...really?
  3. My app tells me I have already downloaded the writing collection, but it doesn't show up...annoying.
  4. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S4, and I was capturing business cards just fine yesterday. The only thing I don't like is when you add a contact it doesn't split the town, city and zip automatically...you have to do that manually and then delete the duplicate information from the original import.
  5. I have been playing with the app for a few days, using a precision touch stylus, which I like very much (even though my bamboo stylus works fine). I guess for now my only compliant is that the scrolling feature is too fast for me, and my note taking or handwriting gets stretched out. Wish there was some way to fine tune it. Otherwise, I prefer the system that U-Pad uses, where the magnifying window moves as your handwriting moves to the right. If they come up with a way to adjust the scrolling speed I would really like this app, with its ease of syncing with Evernote.
  6. Wow! I just discovered the zoom window (yes, I know, read the F__king manual! ) My handwriting looks much better than it does with just the wrist protection, which kinda sucks. I definitely do not like the drift function; it moves way too fast for my liking and stretches out my handwriting. Not cool at all. The problem is that with drift off, I have to keep moving the zoom window manually. Not the end of the world, but other handwriting apps I have used (UPAD and Notability, to name 2) have the ability to detect when I get near the right side of the zoom window and automatically shift it to the right, or insert a "carriage return" - much easier to use. I would like to see that feature added Penultimate because of its integration with Evernote. I use a Precision Point stylus, which is not bad. It does not use Bluetooth to connect, but it is battery powered. Stock up on AAAA batteries (no, that is not a typo - 4 As)
  7. I, too am having problems with the smudges...having tried several different wrist settings to no avail. I actually like UPAD the best of all the handwriting apps tried so far, especially because of their magnifier input window; large handwriting looks even better when it "reduces" on the actual page. I'm currently using a Precision Point stylus (non-blue tooth), but am seriously considering sending it back to Amazon, since, considering the cost, it's not much better than my Bamboo stylus.
  8. Just tried wshtk's suggestion, and it worked. I took the added precaution of restarting my phone after uninstalling the app and widget (like rebooting my laptop after an uninstall). Reinstalled both the app and widget and for the first time in months - no trumpet! We'll see what happens next time Evernote posts a new announcement...
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