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If I were to upload some writing or photographs to EN servers what sort of privacy can users expect?

My wife is trying her hand at writing and wants to store her drafts on EN. But she is afraid someone will see it and take her ideas or something along those lines.

I've assured her that no one at EN reads our notes but she wants some sort of copyright guarantee

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Put all her stuff onto a local non-sync'd notebook.

It will never get to Evernote, it will just stay on her computer.

And of course, Evernote will not do any OCR on the documents or images.

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that is a good idea. however she wants to be able to upload and access her ideas from anywhere. like on her commute home while on the train. if she has a stroke of brilliance she wants to be able to jot it down real quick. and then upload it. that way if our hard drive gets corrupted or the laptop is busted by our obnoxiously hyper min pin we have it in the cloud. she and i are big proponents of cloud computing and like the accessibility and redundancy of it

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If she has a program that allows her to create/edit pdfs, you can save it encrypted with a password. (Not to be confused with simply saving a pdf with a password to open it.) One drawback to this, IME, is that if you open a document (IE Excel file) from within EN & leave it open for a long time while editing, I think I've lost some edits. But, if I open it, make changes & save it, it's fine. I haven't had time to confirm if this is true, so can't swear to it.

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