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(Archived) New note image preview incorrect?


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Hi there,

When I create a new note from a photo taken from my phone using the "share" feature, the previewed picture is not the one I have taken. It shows the preview of pictures that I have previously downloaded from the net, or previous photos taken from my phone camera.

I have tried clearing the cache on all programs but I still get the problem. I have a Desire HD and am using Evernote 3.0.1.



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Thanks for the feedback.

Which Camera app do you use to take pictures?

Earlier, we saw that some of camera apps like - eCamera is not able to generate the right thumbnail and hence all the apps would show a wrong thumbnail.



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I had the same problem. I solved it by deleting the folder called 'thumbnails' in the DCIM folder, presumably forcing EN to regenerate all of its thumbnail images.

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I am just using the standard phone camera app.

Next time this happens I will try cleaning the tumbnails directory as you suggest logandb.

Only problem is sometimes the incorrect preview is of often of a picture i have downloaded from the internet??

I eventually fixed the problem by creating and discarding new notes with the camera until the correct preview came up (after about 15 discarded notes!!)?

I suspect it *may* have something to do with the image preview in ES File explorer and/or camera image preview as logandb mentioned??

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