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(Archived) Feature request: tag behavior




I've tagged a very small number of notes with "_Frequent", and they are easily located on my iPod Touch without going through Notebook hierarchy (with the new iOS design, I just tap the tag icon and then the tag name). On the Mac app, what is shown when I click the very same tag depends on which notebook is currently selected. This is confusing and constantly a source of surprises. IMHO it would be useful to have a preference such as "global behavior for tags" or something, to mimick the behavior on iOS.

Just my 2c.

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The Mac behavior that you describe is actually pretty useful (it's the same for the Windows client, which I use). You pick a notebook to set the note view context, and this also affects tag filtering performed via the Tags list. You can pick "All Notes" in the Notebooks list if you want to apply tag filtering globally, or a stack of notebooks if you want to constrain your filtering that way. These all work to modify the current search. Again, on the Windows client (and I don't know if it's that way on the Mac), you can drop down search description, and select a notebook/stack filter without changing the current search.

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