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(Archived) Cant find notes with attachment

Mata Hari


I would like to filter out those Notes having attachment

The Attributes filter is grey

Where are my Notes with attachments ? I do not see them neither on the Web nor on Desktop

I noticed that attachments are embedded in the text. Is it possible to attach as separate files ?

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There is a command Attributes ->Contains-> Attachments but it does not seem to work.

The solution to this problem , according to EN Support, is to choose Attributes ->Contains-> Images if they are images but if they (i e the attachments) are pdf files you have to write into the search field the words:


This looks bizarr to me. Why would I need to remmember all this ? it would be much more simple to add a column along with Title, Created, Updated etc so I could sort the notes by attachment too. There should be no need to place a burden on one's memmory with strange "abrakadabra" commands. This is typical for EN. It is not user friendly, not intuitive.

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