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(Archived) Evernote and Entourage



I know there is a new MS Office email client (outlook) for Mac instead of Entourage, but from what I hear there are many similarities. Hoping that much of the functionality is the same on the back end, I am wondering this as a entourage user:

1. One big feature that evernote lacks is a robust email client. While I realize that is purposeful, and evernote does what it does extremely well, I am surprised there are not more sources and applescripts to interface a email client with evernote. (I am familiar with Veritrope, which does have some great scripts)

2. What I would like to see and maybe someone has already written this script, is a way for categories and projects in entourage to sync with tags and notebooks respectively. The workflow would be: label an email with a category and project and have it auto sync to evernote....or possibly autofoward to evernote with the tag and notebook assigned.

3. It would also be nice to have tasks/todos sync into evernote and much like egretlist have it recognize a checkbox in entourage and sync it to evernote.

Seems like email is one of the main data capture points for most users of evernote and deeper integration capabilities into a robust email client seems to be paramount for a workflow. Suggestions/Comments


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I'm an Apple Mail user so I can't comment on the differences between Outlook for Mac and Entourage - but what I would say is that given that Entourage is now 'old' product it would seem most likely that any integration would be with Outlook.

I did look at Outlook, but it made my eyes bleed and my soul died a little.

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I hear ya, I used Apple Mail for quite some time, but for business use, it lacks many features (also many I hope to achieve with a deeper integration with evernote). What I am hoping is Entourage and the New Outlook are similar enough that small tweaks to any scripting can facilitate both.


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I'm a new Entourage user and I use Evernote quite a bit for work. I don't care so much about automatic synchronization of emails to notes since I just forward the emails that I want to keep via email.

What I do need is the integration to be able to email a note from Evernote via Entourage to my corporate contacts. Is there any clean way to do this? It seems to depend on my system address book and Mail.app

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Emails from Evernote are sent from the address that you have registered with Evernote - this isn't currently configurable to allow you to send from another address.

Yeah, I get that.

I'm just expressing the desire for some integration with the system's default email client for sending. Maybe I'll look into scripting it.


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