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  1. Bravo! Thank you for listening, Evernote!
  2. Adding my voice to the chorus. This update has killed the usability of evernote for me on my laptop screen. It really messes up my workflow. For an application that can be used in so many unique and custom ways, it's really necessary to have a flexible UI. At the very least, please let us HIDE THE NOTE PREVIEW so we can have a long list view of our notes. I've been a premium member for quite a while and I might have to find another solution.
  3. I regularly use checklists that I store in Evernote on my android phone. The checkboxes are just small enough that reliably checking them off is difficult. I would LOVE to see them made larger and friendlier to touch devices. Thanks, Michael
  4. Does saying "me too" help at all? I hope so. I would love to have tabluar data support on the Mac.
  5. I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and the current NixNote and it's basically unusable. The synchronizations are completely unpredictable and unreliable and I'm encountering tons of stuck threads. Web client is my only reasonable option for retrieving notes. For adding notes, I use email.
  6. Is this the appropriate place to add a +1 for this feature? I use Evernote on both a Mac and a Windows system. I'd really appreciate having the same columns available on the Mac as I have on the Windows system. Thank you, MM
  7. Yeah, I get that. I'm just expressing the desire for some integration with the system's default email client for sending. Maybe I'll look into scripting it. Thx
  8. I'm a new Entourage user and I use Evernote quite a bit for work. I don't care so much about automatic synchronization of emails to notes since I just forward the emails that I want to keep via email. What I do need is the integration to be able to email a note from Evernote via Entourage to my corporate contacts. Is there any clean way to do this? It seems to depend on my system address book and Mail.app
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