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(Archived) Search Functions

Rob Blackburn



I have bought a snapscan by Fujitsu and that is working really well.

The problem I see now is that the search functions in Evernote are not really very sophisticated.

eg why can't you build up a search such as in an iTunes smart album?

Key word, type, date,... or even in the spotlight find function in the finder?

This way the program would automatically build your filing system for you?

Or is there something here that I am missing?

eg... a wine search... Is a photo, has wine in the image, has the word shiraz in it??? ie three terms that would find all things with wine and shiraz in a photo you took at a restaurant?


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The search grammar could use some improvement in user-friendliness.

Regarding your search request, I would use the following:

  • resource:image/* wine shiraz

And if you took the photo of the wine bottle with your cell phone, you could search for
  • resource:image/* source:mobile.* wine shiraz

I'm not a big fan of the Evernote character recognition with photos. To improve the odds of the search working properly, I will often manually type some key information (Shiraz wine from Aureole Restaurant in Las Vegas) above the photo.

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