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I found the answer. They merge in alphabetical order from the note title. You can give the notes titles beginning with numbers in the order you want, and then merge them. Problem solved!

Doesn't work for me--I'm scanning two-sided business cards, naming each side by number (ex: 1. Joe's Coffee and 2. Joe's Coffee). They still merged in backward order.

Tried repeating the experiment by clicking them in the reverse order before "merge," but no luck there either.

(MacBook Air, 10.7.2, latest version of Evernote)

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I don't use a Mac, but here is a possible solution that might work.

Create a couple test notes - #1 and #2

If you sort by the Created Date field, try modifying the time of the two notes, so #1 is a minute or so ahead of #2, then merge.

If the results are backwards, try again and change #1 to be a minute or so behind #2 and merge.

By the way, the individual notes #1 and #2 are not destroyed after a merge. They are moved to the Trash and can be retrieved.

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