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(Archived) search NOW Button, because of the lagging search



speed! is missing.


i need to search for "produktionslenkungsplan" inside a single notebook in my EN-client (mac).

the notebook counts 606 entries (huge collection of big pdfs, screenshotted images and normal text).

so i type in the searchfield the complete word "produktionslenkungsplan" and been forced to wait sooooooo long!

because i need to wait for EN to finish my typing of "produktionslenkungsplan".

pro (wait ca. 5 secs)

du (ca. 1 sec)

ktions (ca. 3 secs)

lenkungsp (ca. 3 secs)

lan (ca. 2 secs)

the waitingtime differs every time, but it is horrible in every second!

and, its not getting faster while repeating the same searchterm at least 5 times to test if a cached search is faster.

the workaround is to copy the searchterm into the clipboard and then paste it to the searchfield, but this is even more annoying then the idle-time.

please give us a button "search NOW", let us complete our searchterms and THEN, WHEN we press "search NOW", start the search.

of course, optional for every user as he/she likes it. so he/she can change that behaviour in the preferences.


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