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I'm a new user of EN Mac after long experience with Windows.

When I do a search in the Mac version, the hits (generally PDFs showing in-line) appear grayed out, with the hit words not grayed and visible through what, for lack of a better description, I'd say look like tiny picture frames.

This makes it tough to read the material around those words and is, to say the least, not what I expect.

Is this a setting, a problem, or some sort of perverse feature?

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The problem I have with it is that it makes it easy for me to see the selection word of phrase I have already used to find the note, but I knew it was there when EN pulled up the note.

What I'd like to do is read what's around the selection phrase. That's the unknown, and it's been masked.

But then, I didn't think making the notebook-selection box a mouse-only event was a good idea, either.


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