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(Archived) Minor Suggestions

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I am a new user and am, to say the least, incredibly impressed by Evernote.

If only I had had Evernote four years ago when I started by PhD, my life would have been so much easier.

A couple of very minor initial suggestions:

I'd like the ability to change the default font size. One can change the default font at the moment, but not the default size.

Second, I'd like to be able to highlight text, not just change the colour of the text. I realise you do not intend Evernote to be a full-on word processor, but a few additional bits-n-pieces will make it more useful.

I take it one cannot import Word documents: is that correct?

Also, can one yet purchase extra storage space?



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Thanks for the positive feedback. We've heard other requests re: font size and highlighting, and these are both good ideas. They may require us to finish some moderate surgery on our text editing engine, however, so we can't promise anything until we see how that goes.

Word documents aren't used as a native attachment format, but you should be able to cut-and-paste from Word into Evernote. You could also print to PDF and attach that to a note if you wanted to preserve precise formatting.

The current "total storage limit" is a temporary part of the current stage of the Beta, intended to make sure that testing went smoothly. This will be replaced soon (I promise...) with the permanent system, which will offer a significant net improvement for Free accounts and vastly higher limits for Premium accounts, at a few dollars a month.

Thanks again

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i also would love to have the function of highlighting text, and/or easier ways to change font color/size/font/underline etc... (such like the interface here while writing for posts).

this is right now the main reason make me hesitate to keep using EverNote. Because i really love to have all this notes and web clips, but without being able to hightlight text it'll make it very hard to read the million content efficiently...

really hope this function to be added soon!!

Thank you!

and thanks again for the great program!

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I too second the idea of being able to highlight part of the text of messages. It makes Evernote much more useful when reviewing notes and summarizing information. I also agree with being able to change the default font. The font, as it stands, is too small (as one gets older this becomes a big issue) and having a larger default font would be a big advantage (puns intended).

Another feature, perhaps not as essential, would be the ability to put in comments (using a sticky notes feature) into the text. I know that one can edit the text, and hence put in comments, but the sticky notes would stand out. However, if we have a highlight feature, one could just highlight ones comments with a particular color.

Great product.

Don Spady

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