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  1. Apologies if this obvious or been suggested here before, but I just thought of it and want to share it. Here's any easy way to email stuff to evernote without having to remember your evernote email address, using GMAIL. This is particularly useful if you're emailing articles or references from databases or other website, rather than using your own email address book First, as many GMAIL users will know you can insert extra characters and words to your GMAIL address to get more use out of it. See here for more details. So, all you have to do is use the + function with your gmail address and then create a filter to automatically forward to your evernote email. For example, use yourgmailusername+evernote@gmail.com for emailing stuff to evernote. Just make sure the reference after + is easy to remember. One could use +en for example, to make it even easier. Then set a filter to automatically forward messages sent to yourgmailusername+evernote@gmail.com to your evernote email. Again, this is particularly useful when you email pages through websites, rather than you're own email service, to which, presumably, you've already added your evernote email. It works a treat. Cheers, JLK
  2. I'd like to be able to use Evernote as a backup! Why not. And adopt Amazon's S3 pricing model (and rates!). Although I agree the move should be incremental and not compromise increasing functionality. In other words, create a back up, by stealth. In the meantime, I agree that more file types need to be supported. For example, I've just clipped a note from the web, that has a small video clip associated with it, but it does not appear I can add the video clip, it's a .WXV file. Now I've got to store it somewhere else. It does seem to paste an icon and provide a link to the original file, but the link doesn't work, so I don't know what's going on here. Cheers, JLK
  3. Correct the bookmarklet works fine for changing notebooks, but there's no autocomplete/drop down menu for tags so its hit nad miss wwhether you get the right tags. Also, the bookmarklet saves to the Evernote web, so, as I use the Widnows client most of the time, I would have to synch all the time. The problem with the Webclipper (not the bookmarklet) is that, although it has a good tag selection mechanism, you cannot change the notebook -- you have to go to the Windows Client to do that first. As discussed above, neither the bookmarlet nor the webclipper are ideal.
  4. It's actually precisely the opposite I'm looking for with the Webclipper: ability to change notebook with each clip, rather than the current process a) stop what I'm doing on the web go into the Windows client c) change notebook d) return to web e) execute webclip. This is another case where the beauty of evernote is somewhat diminished by requiring too many steps for a basic task.
  5. It doesn't appear that I can assign a different notebook from the default using the FF3 webclipper. This function, which is available with the bookmarklet, should be integrated into the webclipper, if its not already (and I've missed it somehow). Also, when using the bookmarklet, tags do not appear, as they do with the webclipper. So, neither the webclipper nor the bookmarklet are ideal. Please can you either add tag autocomplete to the bookmarklet or addthe ability to change notebook to the webclipper or, preferably, both. Cheers, JLK
  6. I disagree. The core functionality [saving and synching] is excellent , but the Windows client needs a lot of improvement, and, quite frankly, the web service is rubbish.
  7. I am a new user to Evernote and I think it is the best thing since sliced bread, even better in fact, as I prefer baguettes! I am happy to pay for Evernote, and the scheme that has been outlined seems fair. However, I am a little confounded by this decision. First, while Evernote is superb, it is still in Beta. It needs a lot of improvements, especially with the web-interface, but also with the Window client, before being taken out of beta. Second, I'd like to know why Evernote announced only half the scheme i.e. the upload limit for free users but not the premium plan. It strikes me as shoddy organization and doesn't inspire confidence. I presume you were trying to gauge opinion, but I doubt if you've found out anything you didn't already know. the crunch will, of course, come when you name the price of the premium plan. Cheers, John
  8. Ability to create tag 'bundles' would be very useful a la delicious. Ability to associate notes with multiple notebooks would help (I realise this somewhat duplicates the work of tags, but I think it would help too).
  9. Yes, kind of. In Windows it defaults to he last edited notebook. On the Web, it defaults to the default notebook. In both cases, I'd like to default to 'all notebooks'. In my case I'd like to be able to scan all my most recent notes upon opening. Since they could, of course, be in different notebooks, the current system doesn't allow this. Cheers, John
  10. I'd like to be able to set 'All notebooks' as my default when opening. It doesn't appear that I can. Cheers, John
  11. I am a new user and am, to say the least, incredibly impressed by Evernote. If only I had had Evernote four years ago when I started by PhD, my life would have been so much easier. A couple of very minor initial suggestions: I'd like the ability to change the default font size. One can change the default font at the moment, but not the default size. Second, I'd like to be able to highlight text, not just change the colour of the text. I realise you do not intend Evernote to be a full-on word processor, but a few additional bits-n-pieces will make it more useful. I take it one cannot import Word documents: is that correct? Also, can one yet purchase extra storage space? Cheers, John
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