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(Archived) Rectangle clipper freezes



I'm having a continuing problem with the rectangle clipper freezing. The escape key will close it and let me move ahead, but I haven't been able to use it for a week or so. Otherwise EN is working very well.

New MacBook Air 13, 4GB memory, 2.1Ghz processor. OS X 10.6.7

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This is working today. Who knows?

However, the clipping is not picking up the URL of the site from which it is clipped. I believe I recall that the Windows clipper imported the URL. Should the Mac version be doing the same?

If not, please add it to the list of feature requests.

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I'm having this same problem on my Mac running OS 10.5.8, but it only happens when Chrome (ver. 10.0.648.204) is running. It makes no difference whether Chrome is in the foreground or background or whether I'm trying to clip from a Chrome window. As long as Chrome is running the rectangle clipper will stall, skip a bit, and invariably freeze. Hitting escape cancels the clipper and allows me to continue working.

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Thanks for the feedback, jmpsfs. We seem to be on the right track as far as troubleshooting is concerned, but I wonder how pervasive this problem is. Is it affecting all Chrome users on Macs? Is there a solution that does not involve abandoning Chrome?

Some feedback from the Evernote staff would be helpful.

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I have fresh insight into this problem after playing around a little more with the clipper. The problem only starts once the clipper goes over the toolbar portion of a Chrome window, the part that contains the tabs, address bar, extensions, and bookmarks. Because I was using a fullscreen window originally, it was inevitable that the clipper would have to hit that portion of the window since I was calling up the clipper from the Evernote icon in the OS X toolbar. But if I move the window away from the right-hand side of the screen so that it's not below the Evernote icon in the main system toolbar, I can invoke the clipper and use it without problems. That is, as long as I keep it away from the Chrome toolbar. Once it hits that, it freezes.

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Should I have to worry about all that? I just killed Chrome, reinstated Firefox, and the problem went away. That seems simpler.

But do be sure Google's people are aware of the toolbar problem. I found Chrome to be a big step up when I was using Windows, but under Mac, Firefox 4 is every bit its equal.

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I'm having the same issue inside of Firefox 8.0.1 on OSX 10.6.8. I can't clip a thing within the Firefox window, but if I close it out and try to clip a rectangle of something else I have no problems. Initially it seemed to happen when I moused over tabs or the bookmarks menu but trying to circumvent them doesn't solve the problem.

I thought perhaps it was an issue of add-ons so I restarted in safe mode with all add-ons disabled and still got nowhere. At this point I'm stumped.

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I finally got a response to a ticket and was told ... "it must be a bug." Thanks Evernote. Over 1,200 people already knew that it's a bug.

On previous versions of Firefox, the work around has been to "move the cursor really really quick" and you can trick it into not sticking/freezing.

This will actually work in some cases and worked for a short period of time for me as well.

After upgrading to Firefox 9, the problem came back and this workaround stopped working.





The new Beta version of the Mac desktop software seems to have fixed this problem.

The Beta version I have installed is Version 3.0.6 Beta 2 (215813).

I have been using it with Firefox 9.01 on an Intel i3 iMac running OSX 10.7.2 and have not had any problems at all.

Let's hope whatever they did or didn't do in the Beta programming, sticks for the final release. Fingers crossed.

PS: I have not had any problems with Chrome either.

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