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(Archived) Save vs Sync




I use Evernote on three different Macs with a Premium account. All my notebooks are saved locally as well as on the servers. Therefore, I never use the "Save" option. I always "Sync" (CTRL+CMD+S) to make sure I have everything everywhere. Would it be possible to add a preference somewhere to treat "CMD+S" as "Save and Sync" (or just Sync)? When I'm working with several open apps, it's often a drag to find the CTRL key just to save in Evernote (it's not at the same place everywhere, too, sometimes FN gets in the way).


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The "Save" menu option is pretty gratuitous, since the client continually saves your data as you type. It's mostly there because people expect to see it, and got confused when we didn't have it. I.e. they were confused whether it was safe to turn off their computers after typing into a note.

The "Sync" button is much more specific ... it sends your updates to the server (and receives updates from the server).

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We don't currently have a way to change all of the default hotkeys in Evernote, although I wouldn't be surprised if there was some Mac hack tool that would let you change key bindings for arbitrary apps.

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