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In messing around with preferences, I screwed up the keyboard preferences for clipping, and I'd like to restore them. In searching the forum, I found the link:

https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/artic ... ts?lang=en

which has a list of keyboard shortcuts for the program, but it doesn't list the clipping keyboard shortcuts. Also the Mac user's guide PDF from the evernote site seems to be lacking this info. What I'm looking to do is restore the original, default keyboard shortcuts for the following:

"Clip Rectangle or Window to Evernote"


"Clip full screen to evernote"

Can someone let me know the default shortcuts for those two items?



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Here are the keyboard shortcuts on my Mac, and I don't think I have changed them:

New Note: [CTRL][CMD]N

Paste to Evernote: [CTRL][CMD]V

Clip Rectangle or Window: [CTRL][CMD]C

Clip Full Screen: blank

Search in Evernote: [CTRL][CMD]F

I might have cleared the "Clip Full Screen" since I have SnagIT installed.

Hope this helps.

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