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(Archived) Feature Request: email notes to a specific notebook

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Being able to create notes by email is great. It would be even greater if they didn't all go into the same notebook.

I would propose using email "plus" addressing to specify which notebook to create the note in. For example, sending to


would place the new note in the "Music" notebook, if it exists. If it doesn't exist, it would be created. If there was no "plus" string, the default notebook would be used.

One possible issue is how to handle spaces and other special characters in notebook names, but I'm sure the geniuses at Evernote could solve that pretty easily ;-)

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Ah, thanks for the tip. One finds Evernote features documented in the strangest places. I searched fruitlessly for documentation of some other major feature (forget which one now), and finally had to ask Support about it, only to be pointed to one of their blog posts! Now why didn't I think to look there?

In any case, I still kind of prefer the idea for "plus" addressing to specify the target notebook vs. their solution.

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