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(Archived) Anyone experience data loss Saturday February 26th?

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I've just had a note go missing from EN that I had modified this past Saturday morning. It's just gone and not in the trash. I can't find it on the web version of EN either.

I also have a laptop with EN that hasn't been sync'ed since January. This particular note was present on the laptop. I then sync'ed the laptop to see if I could restore the note to both the web version and my desktop. Instead, the note disappeared from the laptop as well. It's not in the trash. I looked in the Application Library...Content folder (desk top is a Mac) and didn't see a "p" folder corresponding the the time I worked on that note this past Saturday morning.

For what it's worth, the note book that contained this note shows on the laptop as 849 notes but on my desktop as 848 notes. I have synced both machines several times to be sure but the note count is still different. I have a total of 9 notebooks; the note count for the other 8 is the same.

No "conflicting changes" notebooks.

Nothing critical and I have the info backed up elsewhere. Desktop is a Mac 10.6.6 which I just upgraded to the latest EN this evening. Laptop is a Vista running

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