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  1. ahhh, disappointing, I would really like something finer-grained.Maybe by the time I've got my current projects completed, the iPad client will include native ink. (err, that would be completed my current projects and the vast domestic chores backlogged by the interruption for the Evernote competion :? ). Otherwise, I'll have a go at it myself. You can also upload the notebook as a series of individual jpeg pages.
  2. They both will upload an entire notebook as a PDF, so at that point, the way it's handled in EN is the same. I find the user interface with noteshelf to be a bit more pleasant. However, Note Take Hd allows keyboard input, which I used for section and topic headings to make OCR a little more reliable. Both ink about the same. Toss-up: whichever one feels best to you.
  3. Thanks. By "transfer" into RTM and calendar, do you mean keying in the information?
  4. This may be more of a GTD topic. I work in management in a large organization. I've moved to an iPad so I don't have to carry around so many papers and references. More importantly, I love using it in handwriting mode as an electronic yellow pad. I find that typing during meetings is often seen as not paying attention. Handwriting seems more socially acceptable. I use either Noteshelf or Note Taker HD, both of which allow instant uploading of either a single page or a whole notebook to Evernote. That let's me have my "yellow pad" available anywhere. My handwriting is sort of good enough for EN's character recognition. I use color codes in my iPad handwriting programs: red dots for things to do, green dots to mark things I am waiting on others for. When I send my notes up to EN, I lose the ability to edit and mark them up. I wind up doing all the editing and color coding on the iPad and then sending it up to EN. So if I don't have my iPad handing, all I have to work with in EN is an archived copy that I can't edit, etc. I wind up with many incremental copies of my yellow pad. I wonder how others of you manage a similar memo-taking workflow with EN as the repository. I hope someday EN will include handwriting input on the iPad. What a boon that would be. Finally, everything in one place... (I tried using RuudHein's EN/GTD scheme (http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd) but found it too cumbersome. I am using Nirvana now but haven't found the perfect app.)
  5. Thanks. That works. I had searched on "EULA" which curiously doesn't appear in that thread.
  6. There are a couple of worrisome reviews of Evernote on the Mac App Store. One is from an attorney who states that the End User License Agreement makes EN unacceptable to an attorney. Can someone from EN explain why these phrases are in the EULA? What do you mean "distribute"? How does this apply to the Premium service?
  7. Thanks, all. The thumb drive is a good idea. Should have thought of that myself.
  8. I think I know the answer but... My EN comprises 7 different notebooks and is pretty large. I sync with my Blackberry, two laptops, and two desk tops. One of the laptops is old and has a full disk, and on that machine, I really don't need 3 of my business notebooks available from that old laptop. Is there any way that I can opt not to cache some notebooks locally on a particular machine--similar to the option in EN for the iPad? I know I could just use web-based EN but that's too slow for the notebooks I do need. Stan
  9. No need to investigate further. What I lost wasn't worth the trouble. I only wondered if it was something systemic.
  10. I've just had a note go missing from EN that I had modified this past Saturday morning. It's just gone and not in the trash. I can't find it on the web version of EN either. I also have a laptop with EN that hasn't been sync'ed since January. This particular note was present on the laptop. I then sync'ed the laptop to see if I could restore the note to both the web version and my desktop. Instead, the note disappeared from the laptop as well. It's not in the trash. I looked in the Application Library...Content folder (desk top is a Mac) and didn't see a "p" folder corresponding the the time I worked on that note this past Saturday morning. For what it's worth, the note book that contained this note shows on the laptop as 849 notes but on my desktop as 848 notes. I have synced both machines several times to be sure but the note count is still different. I have a total of 9 notebooks; the note count for the other 8 is the same. No "conflicting changes" notebooks. Nothing critical and I have the info backed up elsewhere. Desktop is a Mac 10.6.6 which I just upgraded to the latest EN this evening. Laptop is a Vista running
  11. Which software in OS X does inking and recognition?
  12. I was just thinking about this today while working with Outlook XP at work. I use EN when all I want to save is the content of the note. I use Outlook archive folders when I want to save the email threads themselves. I will usually delete all but the last email in a thread to save space. I archive into storage folders, one for each quarter of each year. For older versions of Outlook, Microsoft used to offer a dynamite Outlook plug-in program called Lookout. It will index all you online folders and messages and allow you to execute searches in a couple or three seconds. They removed it from their website a few years ago when they introduced Microsoft Search but there are still some instances floating around websites. Try googling www.lookout130.exe. Lookout allows me to index the archive folders as well, giving me searches about as fast as EN. We store a lot of confidential information passed around our secure internal network through Outlook. My boss wouldn't smile at storing all that stuff in the cloud, so I have to be circumspect about what I put into EN. I think Microsoft acquired it because it worked so well, was very compact, created a nice little index file, restricted its searches to just Outlook. MS needed to euthanize it so they could offer up their bloatware that does so much more than you need or want.
  13. I use Vuescan from www.hamrick.com with my HP all-in-one 6100 Officejet. Works well and you can specify all the scanning parameters plus the destination before scanning. The software supplied by HP isn't as versatile.
  14. Actually, as I drag it to the desktop, it still is a TIF file. You may be right, tho, that some TIF files have a low-res JPG embedded that allows some programs to preview the image. Perhaps that's why this TIF got recognized, tho many of my others aren't.
  15. Well, Evernote just located a handwritten word ("invoice") within a .TIF file. This worked from both my Mac client and the web client.
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