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(Archived) REQUEST: Ability to uncheck all to-do's



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Geez, I created a note to help me preparing my backpack for my hikes. That's a checklist with all of the stuff I need to pack.

I used to use a spreadsheet in google documents, but that was dispersive because my stuff is scrambled across various rooms - shoes in a place, tech clothes in another, tools in another, and food in the fridge :).

So I had to come back and forth from the PC.

I really hoped to be able to use it in Evernote because I can carry the phone around and check stuff while I pick it up without all that extra work of going to and from the computer.

I also read that Evernot is *not* meant to be primarily a todo list, but to me using a separate application would be a waste of time and energies, to me everNOTE should help track notes. :). Even dynamically changing like these. Moreover, I share this very same list with my lady, so a separate app would ALSO need the feature to be shareable.

So, please consider to enable the handhelds to "uncheck all" elements from a checklist. That would add plenty of value to Evernote to some people.

Thanks for caring.

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