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  1. Hello, here's my update. I wrote to complain because I got no reply after three working days. They sincerely apologized for the delay. The problem is that they just replied that no, it's not possible. I'll check out Gangun's workaround (thanks for that!), although I don't really like to require an extra app (I hope without odd permissions...) to handle such a basic feature that should be really built in in the app, in my humble opinion. Cheers, thank you.
  2. Hello, yes, I got the email with the support ticket number instantly. Inside of that very email there was written that being I a premium member (I am testing how being a member is for a month, but hey!) I would had got a reply in a business day... was perhaps an holiday yesterday in the US? Thanks for caring!
  3. I got no answer yet, despite they said that "as a valued customer of Evernote, you will receive support within 1 business day."
  4. First of it all, thank you for your reply. The app I need to open the file with is not among those listed. So I just really want to save my file on the SD card and open it later with the app I want, no matter if it's not bound to that file extension on Android. Moreover, I really think one should be able to just save whatever own file she wants from her account to her mobile, period, eh. I'll go with the support ticket, but it really blows my mind that this isn't possible already! Thank you
  5. Please consider that. I really hate going through all of my items, uncheck them one by one, and FINALLY start to plan my hike. Thanks.
  6. Hello all, and first of it all apologies if this has been discussed before. I did use the search function but it just hung forever, so here I go. I am astonished that I can't save an attachment from the Android client. I have a note with a .gpx file - that's a route for a trip. If I touch the attachment, I get the two options of "opening" and "editing" the file. Neither works for me, because I just want to save it on the local SD and open it with a separate app that is not listed among the choices. I fiddled with it for several minutes but I could not get my own file on the phone! Is really that impossible or I am missing something? Thank you very much for your help. Best regards!
  7. Geez, I created a note to help me preparing my backpack for my hikes. That's a checklist with all of the stuff I need to pack. I used to use a spreadsheet in google documents, but that was dispersive because my stuff is scrambled across various rooms - shoes in a place, tech clothes in another, tools in another, and food in the fridge . So I had to come back and forth from the PC. I really hoped to be able to use it in Evernote because I can carry the phone around and check stuff while I pick it up without all that extra work of going to and from the computer. I also read that Evernot is *not* meant to be primarily a todo list, but to me using a separate application would be a waste of time and energies, to me everNOTE should help track notes. . Even dynamically changing like these. Moreover, I share this very same list with my lady, so a separate app would ALSO need the feature to be shareable. So, please consider to enable the handhelds to "uncheck all" elements from a checklist. That would add plenty of value to Evernote to some people. Thanks for caring.
  8. I would love to link some pictures into forums - that is a real case, actually - whilst only linking to a reduced size of the picture.
  9. Yeah, that's what I meant gaz. So far my wife and I ARE sharing a single account, because buying two premium memberships would be too much, AND we need to share stuff each other (read, a single premium account for one of us wouldn't do). This is not ideal, that's why I suggested to consider that. A couple membership, so that each member of the couple can get her/his private stuff AND share it editable with the other member, while not paying overall as much as two premium account, eventually having other limits (like upload rate and the like). Cheers
  10. Many thanks for considering this! I'll look forward for any news about it. Cheers
  11. Hello all. I am using Evernote with my wife and we are very happy with it. We have some notes related only to each of us - for instance, I have some about bicycle mechanics, she has notes about gardening - and some shared notes- shopping lists, and the like. Very typical scenario I guess. Now, the point is, that we share the very same account, and this is not ideal. We would prefer if the "private" notes were not available to the other. She couldn't care any less about pedals and cranks; while I would be happier to manage my evernote with no stuff about plants in the way; to continue with the example (which is real, though not the only case). Creating TWO premium accounts would be the solution, but it's a bit out of our budget. But maybe something nice could be done. Here is my suggestion: Create a plan for couples. With it, the pair would be limited to share editable notes only with the other member. It will be limited, then, compared to the full premium membership. I would not have the chance to share my stuff by making editable by everybody that way - I would need a full premium for that - but only to my beloved. The "couple plan" could also eventually share the upload rate (500 MB each user, for instance) and some other limitations like that. I guess that my wife and I are not the only couple using Evernote this way - a single account - because buying TWO premium accounts would be too much. Maybe this idea could be effective for both this kind of users AND Evernote Please let me know if you like the idea. Thanks!
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