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(Archived) REQUEST: Information about account logins, edits, deletions, etc.

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I think it would be wise for Evernote to incorporate newer security features, with the new dangers of hacking, and the massive amounts of data stored in Evernote. One small thing that would be appreciated would be the ability to have an Activity Log.

Basically, this would work like how Gmail's and Facebook's does - Everytime your Evernote account is accessed, whether via a desktop Mac client, on the web, or on the iPad, it would record your IP, as well as the client and country where the access originated from.

There might be some users that might refuse this, saying that it is an intrusion of their privacy. However, this is not really the case-every time you sync with Evernote, it is quite likely that your IP is transmitted as well. By offering this service, Evernote is just showing the customers what is already available.

I think this would be particularly useful-I could think of a scenario where a prankster might gain access to someone's Evernote account, and sneakily delete tags and notes without the user's notice. By the time the user finds out, it might be too late already. Or perhaps corporate espionage - how would you know if someone was accessing your account?


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I don't know if it's the same, but does not EN has a History Log for entries and uploadings??

I know is not universal (It only creates a Log info on the computer you're loggin on, and doesn't work with Web and Mobile apps as long as I saw) but it can help you know if someone on your computer is taking a log in.

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Individual clients maintain their own Activity Logs, and then we keep log files on our servers, but these aren't available in a real-time UI.

A real time Access Log would be very helpful - Unknowing users who may have a weak password, or a password that is the same across the board (With their Email, ...) may find their account easily compromised, and their data siphoned out without any knowledge. There is a possibility that the hacker could dwell there indefinitely while slowly stealing the data away.

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