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  1. I don't know if it's the same, but does not EN has a History Log for entries and uploadings?? I know is not universal (It only creates a Log info on the computer you're loggin on, and doesn't work with Web and Mobile apps as long as I saw) but it can help you know if someone on your computer is taking a log in.
  2. I was checking the DropBox software and, to be honest, It has no relation to what you can do with Evernote. EN, as long as I have been using it, was made so you can take quick notes, remember things that you ussually wrote on you Cellphone, Papers, Notes, etc, and make them easy searchable with the help of Tags, Notebooks, Text-Image Searching and a lot more. By the other hand, DropBox is a great option if you want to share and store ANY kind of data and have access to that files wherever you go, instead of bringing USB's, Store Devices or Emails of your files. But the little I have checked up, DropBox doesn't have the ability to quickly search your notes by specific notes and it entirely depends on a Folder on your computer, so it's like the server is ALWAYS checking your Folder computer. To me, that's a lot riskier than what EN does. That's my opinion. I also have some case-sensitive data stored on my EN account, but I try to keep them as safe as possible with little tricks (Don't name the file or Notebook as obvious as it could be, putting "hints" of the word instead of the actual word, if they're PDF files have a Password option, etc) But seriously, DON'T PUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ON EVERNOTE. In fact, don't put it on a place where someone can have access on it, it's like leaving a bunch of money right on the Dinner Table of your house. Even if is your house, leaving it on a place where anyone that can enter your house can see it is insane.
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