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(Archived) Changing Account Username?

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Upon initial setup, I was unsure of how I would use EN and set a user name that I'd now like to change. As I find I am using EN more for client work and share files often, I'd like to use a business related user name.

I don't see anyplace where this can be done. Am I missing something? Or can this only be done by EN?

Thanks in advance.

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Based upon the above, I'd suggest you simply open a new account. Then for any notes in the old account that you want in the new account, export from old (enex file) & import into the new.

Thanks for the reply.

Since I have a Premium (Paid) account, that sounds like it would be overly complicated. Closing one account and opening another that is.

Surely there must be a more simple option for this?

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On October 15, 2009, Dave Engberg said: "Changing your Evernote username for login is a bit tricky, since that name is incorporated into things like your database file name, your incoming email address, etc. So changing it can break a few things that you might expect. So we discourage doing this unless you have a Premium account and it's really worth it to you."

If so, you can open a support inquiry at the bottom of:


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Surely there must be a more simple option for this?

If you read the link I posted...

(Actually, opening a new one is the simple option. The link I posted discusses a premium account.)

Apologies. The first time I checked the link I was brought to the default support page with no specific content. The thread loaded this time.

Thanks for that. Greatly appreciated.

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