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(Archived) Request: Private URL for each note

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I daily use RTM for my GTD and EN for storing materials.

Through FF, I can set in the URL field of a EN's note the URL of my corresponding RTM's task

(see viewtopic.php?f=30&t=21457&p=91326&hilit=note+url#p91326)

Using EvernoteWeb, I can view a note and capture its complete URL in the adress bar.. to paste it to my RTM task note...and it works.

However, is there a way to do the same with the note displayed in the EN client for Mac/Win ? If not, may be EN guys could put this in the stack of requests.

For me, it would be enough to obtain, from the En desktop client, the complete URL of the note stored in my EvernoteWeb site (of course, once the note has been synced to EN's server).



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