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  1. I thought so. But several times, after I click on share (and then receive the URL in the clipboard), a Evernote Web page appears asking me if I want to save the note in EN. Note: when I did this, I was running Chrome but no EN desktop was installed on the used computer (shared computer). Phil
  2. Sharing a clip is a direct option in WebClipper 6 GUI. Can I use the clipboard URL directly in my email or must I save the note before sharing it ? This is not clear in this version. Thanks Philippe
  3. Have you still enough space on your machine (especially for the TEMP/TMP temporary folders used by Windows and pointed by the %temp% variables of 'Control Panel|System|Advanced tab|Environment Variables') ?
  4. I also have the same behavior (Chrome extension).
  5. I have the same problem on SL and perhaps that @rbianchi points out the problem: the new entry in Keychain show that the usual <user> is replace by a number.
  6. Hi (1) sometimes, even as Admin, right-click on the install package (setup,..) of the program and select "Run as Admin"; the installer, most of the times, show you the opportunity to "Add" "Repair" or "Remove"; select remove (2) repeat the classical Add/Remove operation form 'Program and Features'when logged as Admin but in Safe Mode (3) Manually... http://eugene2k.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-force-uninstall-a-program Phil
  7. I'm a C++/Java programmer daily using EN in my workplace since 2008. From technical notes to reports, from customers requests to benchmarks, my EN is part of my developping process. Coupled to Outlook (for incoming emails) and Producteev for my GTD, EN is my essential repository for my brain. If I share my notes with my colleagues, exclusivly by email, my big challenge is to show them how powerfull is EN for storing and sharing information. I'm also involved in project for introducing EN in a classroom. I'm also active on G+ through GTD and Evernote circles, on which you can find other well known fan of EN like Daniel Gold, Bobby Travis or Pierre Journel (https://plus.google.com/#s/evernote) So, if anyone as questions on how using EN in a development area... Phil
  8. Hi. I daily use RTM for my GTD and EN for storing materials. Through FF, I can set in the URL field of a EN's note the URL of my corresponding RTM's task (see viewtopic.php?f=30&t=21457&p=91326&hilit=note+url#p91326) Using EvernoteWeb, I can view a note and capture its complete URL in the adress bar.. to paste it to my RTM task note...and it works. However, is there a way to do the same with the note displayed in the EN client for Mac/Win ? If not, may be EN guys could put this in the stack of requests. For me, it would be enough to obtain, from the En desktop client, the complete URL of the note stored in my EvernoteWeb site (of course, once the note has been synced to EN's server). Thanks Phil
  9. In my case, using both clients, I prefer the Mac behavior for the following reason, which is perhaps due to a bug on the Win client. As you stated, when I view a PDF in Win EN, the "little panel pops up" to allow navigation through the PDF's pages. Great. But if after this I switch to a text-only note or if I create a new note, this floating panel is still there... and this is very annoying when you type text. :evil: I made several tests (W7 64bits Entreprise) and the only way to get rid of of this panel is to qui EN. In fact, scrolling through pages using the trackpad or the whell button is faster then using this panel. What is strange to my eyes is that the FoxIt reader as an external application does not offer this panel but classically use the "scrolling with wheel or trackpad" as well: so, why this panel on the Win release ? Phil
  10. Hi Do you have the latest 2.x release on your Mac ? Could you force a manual sync ? After this sync, if the problem still exists, could you go to Help > ActivityLog and posts here the last 10 line fo this file ? (I face no problem between my W7 client and my SL client on my MB) Phil
  11. Hi 1. Web captures + PDFs for instant access to tips/tricks related to my programming life (SQL/PHP/Java) 2. My weekly German courses (teacher's notes, exercices, ...): scans mainly. 3. Ideas/texts for my blogs: text-only for most of the part My GTDs stuff is put in Nirvana system; no photo; W7 and 10.6.4 using local clients; exclusivly using Web interface (of course) on my 10.4 G5 No performance slow down on W7 and SL (latest release of clients) Phil
  12. GraphicConverter, the swiss army knife for images, has a scanning function (Twain; apple-T) I used since the first year of Panther in combination with a low (very low) cost CanonLide25 scanner. Phil
  13. Hi. If you're sure that all notes (except perhaps the faulty one) is web-synced.... (1) Using the Web interface or the iPhone, one try to delete the faulty note (2) Quit EN and go to your Home > Library > ApplicationSupport Move (cmd+drag) the Evernote folder to the Desktop. Re-open EN; re-enter username&password if required; EN shoul be empty. Manually force resync. May take a while fro downloading everything from the Web Phil (sorry for the snapshot; my os is french)
  14. Hi. Could you manually force a sync and see if this weird behavior is still there ? Phil
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