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(Archived) Tap2Ever (iphone app) experience anybody?

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hello everybody,

in the appstore i found an app called Tap2Ever, which seems pretty neat.

as i'm not easy with giving my username and passwort to other 3rd party programs, i could only test a litte of the features.

but they seem to be -compared to the standard iphone app of EN- very convenience.

There are no reviews to this app, afaics, so i'm asking here. maybe has some expericene with this app and could tell?


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This looks like FastEver. I have used Fast Ever & Fast Ever Snap on my old iPhone 3G & it worked well. I have it on my iPhone 4 & wouldn't hesitate to use it again. (The EN app running on an iPhone 4 is much faster than on a 3G, so I've been using that, in the month I've had the iPhone 4.) FastEver has been discussed on the boards (that's how I found out about it.) Check out this thread. It doesn't supply a concrete answer. But there are many reputable apps that integrate with Evernote (Egretlist, Don Reba's own WM app, Baumgarr's linux app for a few examples.) Maybe one of the third party developers who frequent this board can chime in.

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