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(Archived) Forcing a 'Re-indexing'

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Searched and found a lot, but nothing this specific. I have a single .pdf file that has been indexed normally. Perhaps because it has a lot of words in a very small font, the index DID seem to find everything, but when I search, it just floats the found windows seeming at random over the image. So the narrowest it will find is to the document. After that, I have to search with my eyes (it's an image of text, not text itself - I can't search any further.)

It's possible it just won't work, but the first step would be to dump the old index and force a new one. Can that be done? If so, how?

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You may want to post on the forum for the platform you're using. My guess is that you're using the Mac client, and that's where the search results are mis-aligned with the page. There's a Mac bug that causes this to happen with certain PDF documents. I.e. it's a display problem on the Mac, not an index problem in the original.

There's no way to force the server to do OCR again ... it would produce the same result every time.

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