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(Archived) PDFs sent via email not searchable?

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I have a scanner/printer/copier on my network that I use to scan documents and email them to my Evernote email address as PDF attachments. The Evernote service recognizes them as PDFs as does the Mac client. However, the PDFs aren't searchable and I can't select text when viewing the PDF in the client.

Any ideas?

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The Windows client does not currently index and search PDF documents, but we plan to add this soon. (This requires integrating a PDF parsing library to extract text from the PDF attachments.)

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I'm sorry, Dave. Looking back at my original post, it wasn't very clear, but I am using the Mac client. The PDF is not searchable on the service nor on the Mac client if it is received as an attachment via the EN email address.

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On the Mac, if you put a PDF document with text content, you should be able to search for that text. I.e. if you can open the PDF in Preview and select words, then you should be able to search for those words in the Mac client.

The Mac client won't find words that are inside images that are inside of PDFs, however.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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