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I have just shared a notebook with my wife. She is able to see it in her shared notebooks on her Mac. However, on her web clipper it doesn't show the shared notebook as a destination. Is it possible for her to web clip to the shared notebook?

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This functionality is seriously needed otherwise the Shared notebook feature is severely limited. Sure it's nice to be able to see what other's are clipping but it's essential for collaboration to be able to clip into the same notebook as someone else. Please add this ASAP!

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Yes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add web clipping to shared notebooks ASAP. It's why I just paid my $45. My work around is multiple people each with an inspiration notebook which others can see, but its not as good as having one shared inspiration board.

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I also vote for this feature!

We are still not using shared notebooks because it is not very handy to clip stuff to them. Would use it for collecting wedding related stuff together with my girlfriend.

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I recently signed up for EN because of its sharing capability and I can't believe this isn't a feature yet. I am working with a research team that does a lot of online work, and the inability to (a) drag and drop an existing note into a folder that someone has shared with me and (B) clip directly into a folder that someone has shared with me almost renders the sharing too cumbersome to be much good. Please, please, please remedy this asap.



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What??? All these video's and blogs about sharing, and there's no way to easily add stuff to a shared notebook? I have to create all the shared stuff manually?? SO disappointed! I regret getting a year's worth of premium. Also in 10.7.2 web clip extension breaks again. I don't get it, that was released to dev's a month ago...

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